​Lithuanian becomes a leader of the international association for non-formal education

On 10 November the European Association of Institutions of Non-formal Education of Children and Youth (EAICY) has elected a new president. For the first time this post has been taken by the representative of Lithuania – the director of Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre Valdas Jankauskas, the former Vice-President of the association.

Valdas Jankauskas replaced William Mikhailovich – a representative of Slovakia from Bratislava who managed EAICY for two years. The headquarters of the Association will move from Czech Republic to Vilnius in the nearest future.

“The fact that management of the international association for non-formal education is entrusted to Lithuania shows that the world is interested in our country‘s achievements in purposeful education of personal and social competencies in children and youth and it opens wide opportunities for Lithuanian organisations, state institutions to learn from best practices of other countries in this domain, “– notes the new, sixth President of the Association Valdas Jankauskas.

According to V. Jankauskas the need for changes in education are, without any doubts, pre-conditioned by globalisation, constantly changing social, economic factors, and the development of information and communication technologies. Non-formal education with its orientation to personal and social competencies, practical application of knowledge can accelerate necessary changes in education.

EAICY, the association of the European organisers of non-formal education arranges events focused on current education issues, education quality – these are conferences, trainings, study visits for education staff, organises joint projects to improve the quality of education and training. The Association unites 40 organisations from 16 countries in Europe and worldwide: France, Germany, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, South Africa etc.

In the international association Lithuania is represented by two organisations – Lithuanian Centre for Children and Youth and Lithuanian Centre of Non-formal Youth Education.