EAICY activity planning session in Krakow

​EAICY in cooperation with H.Jordan Youth centre in Krakow are organizing the EAICY activity planning session and Presidium meeting, which will be held in Krakow (Poland) from 25th till 28th of January, 2017.

VIDEO: Young People at Work

Video „Young People at Work: Business HR perspective on competencies and learning required in an international company“. Speaker – Milda Autukaitė, Head of Human Resource Department Sweedbank (Lithuania).

We wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

May the New Year bring joy, peace, creativity and a sense of freedom. May inspire you to experience new things, to challenge yourself in different fields, to educate yourself and to supervise others.

What is non-formal education?

Within policy debates a common differentiation has been made between different forms of provision. Informal, non-formal, and formal programmes have been viewed as very different. Here we explore this categorization and some of the forms of work that exist under the non-formal label.

​Lithuanian becomes a leader of the international association for non-formal education

On 10 November the European Association of Institutions of Non-formal Education of Children and Youth (EAICY) has elected a new president. For the first time this post has been taken by the representative of Lithuania – the director of Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre Valdas Jankauskas, the former Vice-President of the association.

​School at the crossroads: it‘s time to choose a new way

Conservative education system in Europe does not accept and fears changes. Children are educated by using old-fashioned methods – school aims to make them obedient; therefore, persons who are afraid of creative thinking, critical view, expressing opinions and seeking for changes have been educated. These topics were discussed by participants of the international conference “Global challenges for education”.