The humanities are becoming more important. Here's why

Communication, observation, empathy and logical thinking... I prefer to call them “essential skills,” because we all need them every day, though we don’t always use them well. They are the skills that determine our chances of succeeding. They are the skills of leadership.

Top 11 Summer Tips for Top Teachers

During summer days, if you're a top teacher, you'll take time to improve your best asset -- you. If somehow it's not clear why that's so important, look at it this way: when financial times are tight, our schools can improve the bottom line in four ways, three which aren’t beneficial for us as teachers.

How do we educate our future leaders today: emotional intelligence vs. artificial intelligence

The Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre invites to an exclusive international conference, the main objective of which is to review and clearly realise the importance of social and emotional learning, to understand the technological progress and its importance in everyday life, to present specific methods for planning of changes and achieving them personally as well as in educational institutions to enable modern youth to take active leadership.

These countries are best at preparing kids for the jobs of the future

The latest PISA report, has revealed the countries in which children are best at “collaborative problem-solving”. Asian countries Singapore, Japan and South Korea top the chart, with Canada, Estonia and Finland not far behind. Denmark, the United States and United Kingdom also make the top 10.

Is the future of education learning by doing?

Outside class, experiential learning takes the form of clubs, activities and competitions for fun, We are teaching students not only to be workers who drive the modern economy, but also to be engaged citizens.

4 things we all need to know about failure

Why failure is hard to deal with? What could happen if you don’t learn from mistakes? How to embrace failure and build on it?

3 ideas from Davos to help you scale new heights

The Davos programme contained a wealth of insight into how to live a happier, more successful and satisfying life from a host of artists, adventurers, psychologists and cultural leaders.

The Future of Human Work Is Imagination, Creativity, and Strategy

Technology is going to replace jobs, or, more precisely, the people holding those jobs. Few industries, if any, will be untouched. Knowledge workers will not escape.

How Social-Emotional Skills Can Fit into School Curricula?

K-12 teachers offer practical—and fun!—ways that social-emotional learning can be integrated into traditional lessons.

National Youth and Children Palace of Georgia – History, Objectives and Thoughts about Non-Formal Education

Do EAICY members know a lot about each other? Brief introduction to National Youth and Children Palace of Georgia.