Celebrating 30 years with an event dedicated to non-formal education

In 2019 a member of the EAICY - Center of Creative Learning “Annas 2” (Latvia) - is celebrating its 30 year anniversary. One of the main events of the celebratory year was a symposium dedicated to non-formal education “Interest-based education in the 21st century: Creativity, Personality, Career”.

Position of Cemea, concerning the project of the EU

The document sumarizes the positions of Ceméa, concerning the project of the European Union. The focus is made on Education and the role of the european civil society in a social european project.

7 Ways to Spark Engagement

Strengthening students’ sense of connectedness to their learning is a worthwhile goal, and there are some simple ways to do it.

4 Ways to Develop Creativity in Students

Creativity is a valuable skill, and there are common strategies teachers can use to help students develop it.